Why Python Is Getting Famous

Python is a programming language. It is highly recommended language for beginners. Python is easy to use and near to natural languages. It seems most popular language for developing websites, applications, database etc. worldwide.

Python’s popularity increases year by year after 2017. Python is on top 5 languages which are ruling developing world. Python is fastest growing programming language. World is moving towards python instead of other programming languages.

Things get famous when already popular names attach with them. For instance, PHP, JAVA, VISUAL BASIC, C++ etc. all these attached with different famous applications. Same as it is, python attached with Google in about 2006. Google used it in different applications.

The popularity of one language may consider after looking it how many big organizations using that particular language. Python language is used in NASA. NASA is using python in approximately every project. NASA uses python in space mission programs, using it in websites, applications.

Python is learning to students in classes. Approximately more than five hundred companies using it, students, companies, programmers, data science experts and other people using python to perform different tasks. Python is ruling in programming languages.

Although, there are some major flaws in python, but it is famous worldwide. Why python is getting famous so speedy. That is reasonable question, we’ll find out the reasons, behind Python’s success. Let’s find out below:


Python is easy to learn and use especially for beginners. It’s syntax structure is very easy and close to human language so everyone can learn it without much struggle. Python’s code are easy to execute in comparison with other programming languages.

According to a survey, approximately three million people joined internet world from 2018 to 2021. It will also increase within next few years. Mostly new beginners using python to access Internet world. This is the plus point for python language that new generation is loving to use it.


Python is such a versatile language that it uses in different varieties such as mobile applications, web development, database etc. The python is faster language than others. It’s versatility is the major reason that programmers love to use it.


Programmers recommend python as a first choice. Nowadays approximately 70% programmers using it for programming. Programmers using python for new projects. No doubt, python is hot cake for programmers.


Python’s one important quality is, it interpret data instead of compiling. Interpret means python applications interpret code line by line which saves time. It helps programmers to run data speedy. It also helps in debugging data.


python has easy access as it doesn’t require any cost for downloading or using it. It also doesn’t require any license fee for commercial platforms. It’s best option for those who can not pay money to access different platforms of Internet world.


We have discussed some basic reasons why python is suitable and cause of it’s popularity. Python is changing internet world and allowing beginners to learn easily. It’s reliable and trustworthy language. Programmers using python and making it their first choice. No doubt, python will have best in future.