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Web Languages-What language are most commonly used for web development

A website is a set of several pages or a single-page linking to other pages. The development of a web site is all depended on the coding. If we look at the starting of web development the developers use HTML coding to devolve the web pages. For the ease of users and developers, many companies have designed drag and drop modules and softawres to create websites. A developer must design a user-friendly page where the user can go around the different sections of pages easily and navigate from one page to another easily.

All the web pages you see online are based on the HTML and coding language behind and if you break any code the page is going to malfunctioning and not provides you the desired interface or by missing a code you are unable to navigate through pages or simply your website is down. For a web developer, the expertise of these languages is very important and without the basics now how of these languages you are unable to move forward in the field of web development.

There are a lot of web development languages, and it’s not an easy job to select from the list. There I am providing information about the most commonly used programming languages for web development.

1. JavaScript

Java Scripting is everywhere on the web pages, the dynamic and beautiful actions running in front of you on a page because of the complex coding of JavaScript. JavaScript is capable to handle and control the entire web site. You can edit content, create hover effects, play with the images, amazing action controls, and a lot of other things. The JavaScript is adopted from the C language. You also can create different desktop applications and games with the help of JavaScript.

2. Java

Are you confusing between JavaScript and Java? Are these the same languages? You are wrong! These are two different languages. JAVA codes are server-based and JavaScripts can run in browser and offline.
Java is an object-oriented and class-based server language. Web, enterprise and mobile developers are using Java to develop different applications and games. There are no operating system limitations and you don’t need to write the different codes for the different OS. Java language is the most secure programming language in the field of web development.

3. Python

Python is taking its place in other languages. You can use this language for any modern technology development. You as a developer have the ease of running the written codes without any compiler. It’s easy to learn that language and you can make your future in web development by learning Python. Instagram, Pinterest, Bitly, Dropbox, Quora, and many others are using Python to develop and maintain their websites.

4. CSS

For the appearance of the web site, looks matter a lot. For beautifying the web pages the developers use the CSS. You can define the font and other appearance settings like size, face, layout, colors and all the things related to text and other things for all the pages in a single code. The codes are simple as HTML and in simple English.

5. PHP

The world’s most popular CMS WordPress is running on PHP. The other famous example is a social website Facebook also designed and running on PHP. It’s an open-source language and can be embedded with HTML directly.