Programming Language-What are the most favourite programming languages in 2019

A programming language is a set of code lines and syntaxes for giving instructions to a computer or mobile device. The beautiful interfaces from the web to the mobile device you see are because of these complex coding lines. You as a user see the beautiful graphics and user interfaces but you are unable to understand the struggle and hard work of a programming code behind these graphics and user interfaces.

A programmer writes complex coding lines to provide the best UI to the computer and mobile users. By using the programming languages we can control the bank applications, home appliances, business software, each field of life is on our fingertips with the help of programming languages. There we are going to take a look at different programming languages that have created a lot of easiness for the front end users.

1. Python

Python is the strongest programming language, it’s easy to learn and the coding is well structured and you can develop a lot of web applications. You can also use this language for desktop applications, machine control, and other advanced fields of life. There are a lot of open-source frameworks, libraries, modules, and a lot more to develop the applications efficiently. Using for web, enterprise, and embedded development.

2. Java

Java scripting is most popular among the developers and you need to learn the language if you are a web, mobile or software developer. Java scripting is very important for the front-end user to interface development. With the help of Java, you can create beautiful web applications and pages. The basic reason for using Java is that it is compatible with all the browsers and the syntax of the language is strong and flexible. Using the web, enterprise, and mobile development.

3. C/C++

The C language is the oldest programming language and introduced in the ’70s, it has been used by the programmers from the beginning of computers. It’s not only the programming language for software development the Linux operating system is designed on the bases of C language. C++ is the modern form of this language and it’s an object-oriented language and using to build some high-end applications. Using for mobile, enterprise, and embedded development.

4. Swift

It’s another open-source programming language. Swift is used by the developers of Mac and iOS apps. The roots of Swift based on the Python and Ruby languages. The codes are easy to read and understand and the beauty of language is that it’s easy to debug the error codes. It requires less coding. If you are familiar with Java, Python, C, and other languages you can understand and Swift language easily and able to start development. The only problem with the language is the frequent updates and in the field of programmers, it considered as the less stable programming language. Using for mobile, and enterprise development.

5. PHP

PHP is the backbone of web development, the contribution of that programming language in the field of web development is about 83%. That language is a server-based. It’s easy to use the codes of PHP language and all are free. It’s because of the PHP you can see or navigate a beautiful dynamic website. The world’s biggest content management system “WordPress” is running on PHP and you are unable to design any plug-ins, themes, and other web-related things without the knowledge of PHP. Using for web development.