How to be a Productive Programmer

Being a creative and a productive programmer take along huge amounts of pluses, together with the greater salary, benefits of the office, increased and better reputation among the associates, as well as the inside satisfaction and fulfillment.

For the productive and creative engineers, there is a tremendous demand for them. In addition to the fact that they are not only able to code quicker, however, they likewise compose and write top notch and excellent code. Nonetheless, productivity, efficiency and output for the coders are extremely debatable and arguable. Line of Code (LOC) is used in order to measure the productivity and the output of the programmer as well as to measure the quality and worth of the code written. Because of the project and task complexities it is extremely difficult to measure the productivity for the computer programmers, thus in order to give an uneven and rough estimate, Line of Code (LOC) is utilized.

Most importantly, the quicker the coding engineer works and performs, it is better and well for the organization that is actually battling with the opponents each and every moment. The mantra and key is to perform and work quicker, by keeping the superiority and excellence of the work in place and intact.

Beginners likewise cherish the productive and creative engineers who take care of their issues, as well as resolve the issues quicker as compared to others. Nobody is disagreeing the fact that a worthy and a good computer programmer are extra productive and creative than an average one. You have to consider the productivity and creativity seriously if you desire to turn out to be a good and worthy programmer.

Following are the important tips about how to be a productive programmer.

1. Turn out to be more productive by working for the less hours

It might sound unreasonable; yet working for the few hours every week may enhance the productivity and efficiency. To start with, you need to concentrate on the assignment or the task because of the time restrictions. Secondly, you need to be more motivated and tending toward the smarter solutions and way out in addition to the capacity to get over the glass ceiling. It likewise urges you to advance and improve the awful administration or the management practices, supposing that you have those practices.

2. Minimize or reduce the distractions

The programmer has to maintain his focus and concentration in place as the applications, tools and coding platforms needs the understanding at both of the core or basic as well as of the higher level. On the off chance that you are diverted or unfocused, in order to regain and recover the focus, it is going to take you at least 15 minutes.

Programmers or the software engineers basically works on the complex problems and issues, and on the off chance that they are distressed, it is very difficult to get back on the track.

3. Take complete benefit of the automation

Automation is actually what’s to come. It is going to help you in order to concentrate on the greater tasks and assignments by dealing with the monotonous or the repetitive ones – for example, in the event that you have to arrange the code or perhaps migrate or relocate the data or information into the database list after each and every modification.

Typing or composing in the code might be an overwhelming task or assignment plus it may certainly break the productivity and efficiency. For this purpose, you might surely gain the benefit of the code generation, or in order to automate the tasks and responsibilities scripts can be written.

4. Get a mentor

The character of the mentorship has recently ruined and undermined by the users of the internet. This is actually regular for specialists of the coding and the beginners to consider that by utilizing the internet they are able to resolve of each issue for themselves. Not only your understanding is improved by the mentor, as well as guides you in order to recover and enhance your productivity and efficiency.

For the experienced and skilled engineers as well as the learners code mentors are offered by various platforms. Mentorship is basically a created and a developed idea, and this is even supported by the experts and specialists of the industry who actually profited and helped through having a supporter or a mentor whereas seeking after their professions and careers.

5. Constantly refactor code as well as write the code documentation

You might not see the refactoring of the code as a creative and a productive task. As in the end, it is not going to include any of the new functionality and the features to the task or project. However, that is a wrong state of mind. The methods and techniques are easily and simply read with the help of refactoring code. The codes are also maintained with the help of this.

Everybody’s time can be saved with the help of refactoring code together with the programmer maintain and uphold the code. The project’s complete productivity and creativity are improved with the help of the code documentation. You must always attempt to perform this as this is a long haul advantage.

6. Work on other projects and learn new skills

In order to keep and retain the mind fresh, the excellent method is to work on the new plans and projects. The coding engineers most of the times are stuck and fixed with the one project besides this every day routine might simply become exhausting and boring.

Hobby tasks might think more about your own thoughts as well as enable you to develop as a programmer. Also, the side activities also enable you to learn and acquire new skills and abilities along the way and this in turn is going to enable you to enhance your productivity and output in the upcoming projects.

7. Read the Books

The internet is obviously a good source for the coding activities, but the complete picture is not shown by this. On the other hand, a unique and exclusive view is offered by the books in order to manage the projects and tasks plus the understanding of the programming technology and the language. These books are usually written by the expert programmers who basically served and assisted this industry and they are basically sharing their practices and experiences. They also offer the tips and instructions that in what way the pitfalls and drawbacks can be avoided.


In case, if you are a programmer who actually codes, you definitely are familiar with the significance of the productivity and output. Productivity and output picks up together with the time, thus at first, there is no need to push and drive too hard. Through the appropriate planning, preparation and execution, you are going to see yourself in advance and progress after some time. Containing a good and a decent squad additionally encourages you to remain productive and creative. As we know that, the projects for coding are basically group based, as well as need coordinated and teamwork effort at all stages.