5 Best Patek Philippe Watches for Women Programmer – Buying Guide

We mostly know this brand for producing some of the best men’s watch lines, but don’t forget that Patek Philippe has a long history of producing watches for women.

After hearing this, you’ll be in shock to learn that the first ever customer of this high-end brand was Madame Goscinska, who purchased three original Patek watches in the 1830s. Queen Victoria also admires this elegant brand and wears its high-end craftsmanship on her wrist.

Since then, Patek Philippe has continuously introduced new designs and features in women’s watches. In this buying guide, we are going to discuss some of the 5 best Patek Philippe watches for women programmer who always need something on their wrists.

Top 5 Patek Philippe Watches for Women in 2023

Below are some of the best Patek Philippe watches that every programming woman would love to have in her watch collection.

1. Patek Philippe Nautilus Ladies’ Steel Watch with Silver Dial

5 Best Patek Philippe Watches for Women Programmer

The Patek Philippe Nautilus silver dial Women Watch is a stunning watch for the contemporary woman who wants to highlight her sense of fashion while maintaining a strong sense of elegance. This timepiece looks much more familiar to the men’s Nautilus 5711 stainless steel watch and looks like the female version of this Nautilus watch line.

Moreover, these eye-catching timepieces come in a case size of almost 35.2 mm, which has a thickness of almost 6.15mm. it is not much hefty and big and looks dashing on any type of lady’s wrists. The self-winding auto movement calibre 324 SC is used and the case back is made with high-quality sapphire crystal. However, this Swiss timepiece is not affordable to everyone but you also look at the Swiss made replica watches which are quite reasonable and provides multiple brand options.

2. Patek Philippe Gondolo Yellow Gold Ladies Watch

5 Best Patek Philippe Watches for Women Programmer

If you are searching for something different under the belt of Patek Philippe, you should go with Gondolo yellow gold watch. This collection usually highlights the rectangular or cushion-shaped dials, which stand out from the other types of high-end watches from this brand. The diamonds are beautifully engraved on the top of the rectangular dial and the strap as well.

Moreover, on the white dial, you can see hour markers with diamonds encrusted. This model has more expensive versions as well, which include a diamond-rich wristband and bezel. The movement used in this magnificent piece of jewellery is quartz.

3. Patek Philippe Twenty~4 Steel Ladies Watch

5 Best Patek Philippe Watches for Women Programmer

The Twenty-4 Automatic was added to Patek Philippe’s Twenty-4 Ladies series in 2018. The brand-new model combines the renowned articulated bracelet from the line with a more conventional round case. This elegant watch is available in two different metals. The first one is the stainless steel one with blue and green dial options, and the second one is the 18k rose gold one with a brown or silver dial option.

For those females who are looking for a vintage and classic-looking wristwatch, the Patek Philippe Twenty~4 Steel is the best option for you. This type of watch can be worn daily because it does not have that much weight. The case size is about 30mm in diameter, and the thickness of this timepiece is about 10mm.

4. Patek Philippe Calatrava Rose Gold Diamond Watch

5 Best Patek Philippe Watches for Women Programmer

This Calatrava Rose Gold women’s dress watch is appropriate for the present day thanks to its sleek design and mechanically driven movements. This beautiful watch is available in brown and blue dials which are created carefully with the help of an engraving technique. The hour markers on these timepieces are sprinkled with gold, creating a distinctive design that dances with light.

On the top of the bezel, the diamonds are elegantly engraved, which adorns the 30mm white gold casing and makes it unique. The blue or brown detailing contrasts wonderfully with the light-coloured casing. It is divided by a smooth silk strap that matches the dial’s delicate guilloche design.

5. Patek Philippe Annual Calendar White Gold Diamond Watch

5 Best Patek Philippe Watches for Women Programmer

Last but not least is the eye-catching Annual Calendar white gold diamond watch. Patek has launched many timepieces and complications watches, and this is one of them. This yearly calendar is a brilliant example of their style meets function concept since it fuses traditional design components with cutting-edge functionality and technology.

Moreover, this timepiece also displays the days of the week as well as the moon phase and the month. In this Patek Philippe watch, the calibre 324 S QA movement is used, which helps to display the moon phase and days of the week on the dial. The diamond engraved bezel and the beautifully textured crown represent the classic looks of this watch, which are not common on every Patek Philippe timepiece.


Every programming lady wants to fill-up the empty space of their wrist with something that looks classy and eye-catching. For that, most women prefer a nice and antique wrist watch. To find the best premium watches for ladies, this guide of the 5 best Patek Philippe watches for women programmer provides elite options for all the ladies who are looking to wear high-end timepieces. Patek Philippe is skilled at creating not only women’s watches but also at keeping the smaller, more feminine appeal while including the modern woman’s required features. With the help of this buying guide, I hope all the women will find their ideal Patek Philippe watch.