How to Safely Move Your Desktop Computer

movingadesktoppcSo you’re headed to a gaming party at your buddy’s house, and you really want to bring your powerful desktop computer with you. Sure, you could bring the laptop— but it just doesn’t pack the same punch; and you want to seriously pound the competition. The question becomes, how do you transport your highly expensive, magnificent machine from your gaming den at home to your buddy’s house? Here are some dos and don’ts to help you get that beauty safely there and back again.

Don’t Take Chances

You should back up your data before you go. Just in case the worst happens, and your machine ends up in splinters, or gets banged up so badly that your hard drive is scrambled. Make a backup copy of your hard drive and put it in a fireproof box under your bed. Now, if anything happens, you can still get your stuff back.

Do It Yourself

If your friend volunteers to pick up your machine on his way from work and bring it to the party for you, don’t let him do it, even if it would save you time. If you’re moving to a new home, be it in on another street or another city, don’t let the movers handle your machine. Always do the packing and transporting of the machine yourself. That way, if something happens, you’ll have only yourself to blame, and you’ll know that you took the best possible care of your prized possession.

Don’t Forget to Disconnect

It’s no use trying to move the machine with everything still hooked up to it. You need to do this right, and that means doing it from the ground up. Unhook the peripherals first, including speakers, headphones, mouse, keyboard, webcam, and other items. If you are moving and you want to take extra care with the items, find the original packaging for your mouse and keyboard if you still have it. If not, mimic the way that the manufacturer delivered them to you in the first place. Foam padding, layers of cardboard, and bubble wrap are all good ways to protect your peripherals.

Do Take Extra Care with the Monitor

Got a gorgeous high-definition monitor that you love? Protect that baby with your life. Slide it into its original box or into some other large, thick cardboard box, and pad it with towels or bubble wrap. Tape up the box and lay it flat in the trunk of your car, or wedge it between the back seat and the front seats where it cannot move around or bang back and forth.

Don’t Overestimate Your Desktop’s Durability

Your desktop computer case is a little more durable, but you should still take plenty of precautions. Box it up with padding for a move across the city or to another city. For a short trip to a friend’s house, wrap it in a blanket and put a plastic bag around it in case you encounter a surprise rain shower. Place it in a snug spot in your car and make sure it does not have room to shift too much and bang into other objects. Now that you have everything securely packed, all you need to do is drive safely, set up quickly, and pwn those other gamers!